© 2019 by Andrzej J. Kozlowski

   Andrzej Kozlowski was born in Gdynia, Poland but in 1992 he and his family emmigrated to the United States permanently. Andrzej grew up to his father's singing who was a former opera singer himself. Andrzej's first musical encounter with the piano was at the age of 12, proclaiming to his father that he will be "The next Paderewski." His musical talent was later discovered by his father, when observing his quickness and ease in learning and understanding of Chopin's music. 

At the age of 14, he began piano lessons with concert pianist Dwight Pelzter, but due to the teacher's health complications the lessons ended after only 9 months. After few months of self-teaching, Andrzej's piano tuner referred him to a renowned pianist and composer Zaven Khatchadourian, with whom he further continued his studies till his sudden death in 2003. Andrzej has dedicated his piano studies to Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin and composers of Romantic Era.

   As a pianist, Andrzej is often referred to as a sentimentalist with a very spontaneous urge, collaborating his personal life adventures into his interpretations. His music is often defined to be cinematic and programmatic. As a composer he has taken the next step in achieving this story-telling style in such works as his "Songs for Audrey" in which express personal friendship experiences with a colleague pianist Audrey Rome. His music takes you to wherever and whatever the music paints to the listener, often leaving you in a state of reverie. Then there is his contemporary popular music which incorporates his piano music with a rock influence. Continually seeking new languages within his voice, he explores a wide depth of emotion while painting with a broad spectrum of landscapes and colors.